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    Daniela Meise


+49 176 34 919 537

Daniela Meise - Photography & Film

Photographer, Videographer, Economist and Enthusiast.
This is Daniela.   

Based in Hamburg, Daniela works internationally as a professional freelance photo- and videographer with a focus on taking distinctive fashion and lifestyle images. Although being a graduated economist, Daniela followed her passion and made her talent her profession. Working with fashion magazines, retailers and agencies, she successfully entered the world of fashion and lifestyle photo- and videography. Due to her sense for authentically capturing an event’s atmosphere, event photo- and videography became her second field of expertise. Only her love for efficiency and well-managed projects still give a glimpse of her former career plans.

Accompanying fashion photographer Patrick Schwalb for several years, he became her mentor and built the professional base for her later freelancing activity. Due to working as a photo assistant and digital operator with numerous photographers and clients in the last years, fashion and lifestyle photography became her absolute professional comfort zone. Driven by creativity and innovation, she discovered videography as her second most favoured way to highlight people, products and moments. Thereby, her enthusiasm about arts, whether it comes to drawing or dancing, always speaks through her work.

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+49 176 34 919 537


Olsen, About You, Future Cups - Snaxcup, Das Boep, Multy Service Goldt - Airstream4u, Casamundo, Capcellence, Reebok, Double-T Photographers, Anima Massage, Burger Bank, Little White, Krosse Krabbe, JD Sports Billstedt


HUF Magazine, iMute Magazine, Vulkan Magazine, Lucy's Magazine, The Model Magazine


Maximilian Beister


Esther Haase, Peter Hönnemann, Patrick Schwalb, Det Kempke, Klaus Heinzler, Gary Engel, Edvina Pestovic (BCL), Charl Marais (LND), Michael Munique, Jan Rickers, Bodo Rickassel, Jens Boldt, Chris Bracewell (LND), Kari Sverriss (RKV), Florian Geiss, Astrid Möller, Sabine Skiba, Arne Hoffmann, Holger Friedrich, Sven Heinrich, Carlijn Jacobs (AMS), Lena Jürgensen, Alex Kahan, Felix Krüger, Thomas Müller, Marc Rehbeck, Holde Schneider, Markus Schwarze, Anna Tarrin, Dietmar Teis, Janna Tode, Gulliver Theis, ...

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