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Roberto Bianco from BUFFALA photographed by Daniela Meise

 The two guys from BUFFALA – CAPTNFREDD and Roberto Bianco – got to know each other unexpectedly at a jam session in the North of Germany (Kiel). They met the very next day for a private jam session at the recording studio Tone Complex, where the EP “Loveline” was mastered a few months later. It became obvious: These guys should work on something together! CAPTNFREDD contributed his hip hop chill and lofi beats that emanate soul vibes and are influenced by trap music. Together with Robertos smooth but rhythmic vocals, and both melodiousness and rawness in his voice, a unique sound was created through the combination of R’n‘B , Soul, Pop, Rap, Trap and Hip Hop Chill. Roberto Bianco has been on stage for 12 years and was strongly influenced by German and American hip hop legends in his youth. This shaped his way to write songs – long lines with a lot of rhythm. From listening to reggae- and soul legends he later learned that feeling the song while singing it is more important than anything else when it comes to music. That’s what the guys from BUFFALA show as well on stage as on their first EP “Loveline”.

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